.About Data Media Information Databases and Direct Marketing Ltd

Data Media Is a leading Israeli Data Quality Company, Founded In 2003.

Data Cleansing Services:

  • Data Cleansing and Data Hygiene.
  • Phone Number Appends – Landline and Cell Phone Numbers Nationwide.
  • Phone Number Validation and verification.
  • Email Address Validation.
  • Address Parsing and Standardization.
  • Name Parsing.
  • Zipcode Append.
  • Address Validation.
  • Reverse Phone Append.
  • De-Duplicate Data.
  • Name Translation from other Languages into Hebrew.
  • Address Translation of other Languages into Hebrew.
  • Address Geo-Coding.
  • MRO Data Cleansing – Data cleansing of Manufacturer Names and Part Numbers.
  • And many more.

Other Services:

  • Web Crawling / Data Scrubbing Services.
  • "what's In Sites" – Domain intelligence – know the technologies that runs inside every website.
  • Online Data Quality Tools.
  • Digital transformation.
  • Email to SMS services.
  • SMS receiving services with Automation.

Please Contact Us for More Information Via email Form or call:

email: info@datamedia.co.il

IL.   +972-73-2203040

US.  (888) 3707-703


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